Configuration Cheat Sheet

This is a cheat sheet for the Gitea configuration file. It is helpful for more fully understanding how it powers Gitea.

Before getting started, make sure you know that any change to the configuration should be made in custom/conf/app.ini or any corresponding location.

All default settings can be found in app.ini (replace master in URL with name of tag for released versions). If you see anything which looks like %(X)s, it is a feature powered by ini for reading values recursively.

Any configuration option that is marked by :exclamation: means that you should keep the default value unless you fully understand what you are doing.

Values containing # or ; must be quoted using ` or """.

Overall (DEFAULT)

  • APP_NAME: Application name, change to whatever you want.
  • RUN_USER: The user to run Gitea as, we recommend it be git; however, change this to whatever your username is if you run Gitea on your personal computer. Gitea may crash if this value is not set properly.
  • RUN_MODE: For performance and other purposes, change this to prod when deployed to a production environment. The installation process will set this to prod automatically.

Repository (repository)

  • ROOT: Root path for storing all users’ repository data. It must be an absolute path. The default is ~/<username>/gitea-repositories.
  • SCRIPT_TYPE: The script type your server supports, usually this is bash, but some customers report that they only have sh.
  • ANSI_CHARSET: The default charset for an unrecognized charset.
  • FORCE_PRIVATE: Force every new repository to be private.
  • MAX_CREATION_LIMIT: Global maximum creation limit of repositories per user, -1 means no limit.
  • PULL_REQUEST_QUEUE_LENGTH:exclamation:: Length of pull request patch test queue, make it as large as possible.

UI (ui)

  • EXPLORE_PAGING_NUM: Number of repositories that are shown in one explore page.
  • ISSUE_PAGING_NUM: Number of issues that are shown in one page (for all pages that list issues).
  • FEED_MAX_COMMIT_NUM: Number of maximum commits shown in one activity feed.

UI - Admin (ui.admin)

  • USER_PAGING_NUM: Number of users that are shown in one page.
  • REPO_PAGING_NUM: Number of repos that are shown in one page.
  • NOTICE_PAGING_NUM: Number of notices that are shown in one page.
  • ORG_PAGING_NUM: Number of organizations that are shown in one page.

Markdown (markdown)

  • ENABLE_HARD_LINE_BREAK: Whether or not to enable hard the line break extension.

Server (server)

  • PROTOCOL: Either http, https, fcgi, or unix.
  • DOMAIN: Domain name of your server.
  • ROOT_URL: Full public URL of Gitea server.
  • HTTP_ADDR: HTTP listen address. If PROTOCOL is set to fcgi, Gitea will listen for FastCGI requests on TCP socket defined by HTTP_ADDR and HTTP_PORT configuration settings. If PROTOCOL is set to unix, this should be the name of the Unix socket file to use.
  • HTTP_PORT: HTTP listen port. If PROTOCOL is set to fcgi, Gitea will listen for FastCGI requests on TCP socket defined by HTTP_ADDR and HTTP_PORT configuration settings.
  • UNIX_SOCKET_PERMISSION: Permisson mode for Unix socket, default is 666.
  • DISABLE_SSH: Disables SSH feature when it’s not available.
  • START_SSH_SERVER: Starts built-in SSH server when enabled.
  • SSH_DOMAIN: Domain name of your ssh server.
  • SSH_PORT: SSH port displayed in clone URL, in case yours is not 22.
  • SSH_LISTEN_PORT: Port for the built-in SSH server. Defaults to SSH_PORT.
  • OFFLINE_MODE: Disables use of CDN for static files and Gravatar for profile pictures.
  • DISABLE_ROUTER_LOG: Mutes printing of the router log.
  • CERT_FILE: Cert file path used for HTTPS.
  • KEY_FILE: Key file path used for HTTPS.
  • STATIC_ROOT_PATH: Upper level of template and static files path, default is the path where Gitea is located.
  • ENABLE_GZIP: Enables application-level GZIP support.
  • LANDING_PAGE: Non-logged-in users’ landing page, either home or explore.
  • LFS_START_SERVER: Enables git-lfs support. true or false, default is false.
  • LFS_CONTENT_PATH: Where your lfs files put on, default is data/lfs.
  • LFS_JWT_SECRET: LFS authentication secret, changed this to yourself.

Database (database)

  • DB_TYPE: The database type you choose, either mysql, postgres, mssql or sqlite3.
  • HOST: Database host address and port.
  • NAME: Database name.
  • USER: Database username.
  • PASSWD: Database user password.
  • SSL_MODE: For PostgreSQL only.
  • PATH: For SQLite3 only, the database file path.

Security (security)

  • INSTALL_LOCK: Indicates whether to allow the open install page (setting admin account is involved, so it’s a very important value).
  • SECRET_KEY: Global secret key for your server security, you’d better change it (will generate a random string every time you install).
  • LOGIN_REMEMBER_DAYS: Cookie lifetime, in days.
  • COOKIE_USERNAME: Name of the cookie that saves username.
  • COOKIE_REMEMBER_NAME: Name of cookie that saves auto-login information.
  • REVERSE_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_USER: Header name for reverse proxy authentication username.

OpenID (openid)

  • ENABLE_OPENID_SIGNIN: Whether to allow signin in via OpenID (defaults to true).
  • ENABLE_OPENID_SIGNUP: Whether to allow registering via OpenID (defaults to !DISABLE_REGISTRATION).
  • WHITELISTED_URIS: Space separated list of POSIX regexp patterns. If non empty OpenID URIs should match any of these to be granted access.
  • BLACKLISTED_URIS: Space separated list of POSIX regexp pattenrs. OpenID URI matching any of these is refused access.

Service (service)

  • ACTIVE_CODE_LIVE_MINUTES: The minutes of active code life time.
  • RESET_PASSWD_CODE_LIVE_MINUTES: The minutes of reset password code life time.
  • REGISTER_EMAIL_CONFIRM: Enable this to ask for mail confirmation of registration, requires Mailer to be enabled.
  • DISABLE_REGISTRATION: Disable registration, after which only admin can create accounts for users.
  • SHOW_REGISTRATION_BUTTON: Indicate whether to show registration button or not.
  • REQUIRE_SIGNIN_VIEW: Enable this to force users to log in to view any page.
  • ENABLE_CACHE_AVATAR: Enable this to cache avatar from Gravatar.
  • ENABLE_NOTIFY_MAIL: Enable this to send e-mail to watchers of repository when something happens like creating issues, requires Mailer to be enabled.
  • ENABLE_REVERSE_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION: Enable this to allow reverse proxy authentication, more detail:
  • ENABLE_REVERSE_PROXY_AUTO_REGISTRATION: Enable this to allow auto-registration for reverse authentication.
  • DISABLE_MINIMUM_KEY_SIZE_CHECK: Do not check minimum key size with corresponding type.
  • ENABLE_CAPTCHA: Enable this to use captcha validation for registration.

Webhook (webhook)

  • QUEUE_LENGTH:exclamation:: Hook task queue length.
  • DELIVER_TIMEOUT: Delivery timeout in seconds for shooting webhooks.
  • SKIP_TLS_VERIFY: Indicate whether to allow insecure certification or not.
  • PAGING_NUM: Number of webhook history that are shown in one page.

Mailer (mailer)

  • ENABLED: Enable this to use a mail service.
  • DISABLE_HELO: Disable HELO operation.
  • HELO_HOSTNAME: Custom hostname for HELO operation.
  • HOST: SMTP mail host address and port (example:
  • FROM: Mail from address, RFC 5322. This can be just an email address, or the “Name” <[email protected]> format.
  • USER: Username of mailer (usually just your e-mail address).
  • PASSWD: Password of mailer.
  • SKIP_VERIFY: Do not verify the self-signed certificates.
  • USE_SENDMAIL: Use the operating system’s sendmail command instead of SMTP. This is common on linux systems. Valid values are true to use sendmail and false to use SMTP (default). Note that enabling sendmail will ignore all other mailer settings except ENABLED, FROM and SENDMAIL_PATH.
  • SENDMAIL_PATH: The location of sendmail on the operating system. This can be an absolute path (eg: /usr/sbin/sendmail) or just the name of the command (eg: sendmail - default) if it can be found in the PATH environment variable.

Note: Actually, Gitea supports only SMTP with STARTTLS.

Cache (cache)

  • ADAPTER: Cache engine adapter, either memory, redis, or memcache. If you want to use redis or memcache, be sure to rebuild everything with build tags redis or memcache: go build -tags='redis'.
  • INTERVAL: for memory cache only, GC interval in seconds.
  • HOST: For redis and memcache, the host address and port number.
    • Redis: network=tcp,addr=,password=macaron,db=0,pool_size=100,idle_timeout=180
    • Memache:;

Session (session)

  • PROVIDER: Session engine provider, either memory, file, redis, or mysql.
  • PROVIDER_CONFIG: For file, it’s the root path; for others, it’s the host address and port number.
  • COOKIE_SECURE: Enable this to force using HTTPS for all session access.
  • COOKIE_NAME: The name of the cookie used for the session ID, defaults to i_like_gitea.
  • GC_INTERVAL_TIME: GC interval in seconds.

Picture (picture)

  • GRAVATAR_SOURCE: Can be gravatar, duoshuo or anything like
  • DISABLE_GRAVATAR: Enable this to use local avatars only.
  • ENABLE_FEDERATED_AVATAR: Enable support for federated avatars (see

Attachment (attachment)

  • ENABLED: Enable this to allow users upload attachments.
  • PATH: Path to store attachments.
  • ALLOWED_TYPES: Allowed MIME types, e.g. image/jpeg|image/png, use */* for all types.
  • MAX_SIZE: Maximum size in MB, e.g. 4
  • MAX_FILES: Maximum number of attachments can be uploaded at once, e.g. 5.

Log (log)

  • ROOT_PATH: Root path for log files.
  • MODE: Logging mode, default is console. For multiple modes, use comma to separate it.
  • LEVEL: General log level, default is Trace.

Cron (cron)

  • ENABLED: Enable this to run cron tasks periodically.
  • RUN_AT_START: Enable this to run cron tasks at start time.

Cron - Update Mirrors (cron.update_mirrors)

  • SCHEDULE: Cron syntax for scheduling update mirrors, e.g. @every 1h.

Cron - Repository Health Check (cron.repo_health_check)

  • SCHEDULE: Cron syntax for scheduling repository health check, e.g. @every 24h.
  • TIMEOUT: Time duration syntax for health check execution timeout, e.g. 60s.
  • ARGS: Arguments for command git fsck, e.g. --unreachable --tags.

Cron - Repository Statistics Check (cron.check_repo_stats)

  • RUN_AT_START: Enable this to run repository statistics check at start time.
  • SCHEDULE: Cron syntax for scheduling repository statistics check, e.g. @every 24h.

Git (git)

  • MAX_GIT_DIFF_LINES: Max number of lines allowed of a single file in diff view.
  • MAX_GIT_DIFF_LINE_CHARACTERS: Max number of characters of a line allowed in diff view.
  • MAX_GIT_DIFF_FILES: Max number of files shown in diff view.
  • GC_ARGS: Arguments for command git gc, e.g. --aggressive --auto.

Other (other)

  • SHOW_FOOTER_BRANDING: Enable this to show Gitea branding in the footer.
  • SHOW_FOOTER_VERSION: Enable this to show Gitea version information in the footer.
  • SHOW_FOOTER_TEMPLATE_LOAD_TIME: Enable this to show time of template execution in the footer.