The following changes are made in C:\gitea\custom\conf\app.ini:


Sets Gitea to run as the local system user.

COMPUTERNAME is whatever the response is from echo %COMPUTERNAME% on the command line. If the response is USER-PC then RUN_USER = USER-PC$

Use absolute paths

If you use SQLite3, change the PATH to include the full path:

PATH     = c:/gitea/data/gitea.db

Register as a Windows Service

To register Gitea as a Windows service, open a command prompt (cmd) as an Administrator, then run the following command:

sc.exe create gitea start= auto binPath= "\"C:\gitea\gitea.exe\" web --config \"C:\gitea\custom\conf\app.ini\""

Do not forget to replace C:\gitea with the correct Gitea directory.

Open “Windows Services”, search for the service named “gitea”, right-click it and click on “Run”. If everything is OK, Gitea will be reachable on http://localhost:3000 (or the port that was configured).

Unregister as a service

To unregister Gitea as a service, open a command prompt (cmd) as an Administrator and run:

sc.exe delete gitea