Support Options

NOTE: When asking for support, it may be a good idea to have the following available so that the person helping has all the info they need:

  1. Your app.ini (with any sensitive data scrubbed as necessary)
  2. The gitea.log (and any other appropriate log files for the situation)
    • e.g. If the error is related to the database, the xorm.log might be helpful
  3. Any error messages you are seeing
  4. When possible, try to replicate the issue on and include steps so that others can reproduce the issue.
    • This will greatly improve the chance that the root of the issue can be quickly discovered and resolved.
  5. If you meet slow/hanging/deadlock problems, please report the stack trace when the problem occurs:
    1. Enable pprof in app.ini and restart Gitea
    ENABLE_PPROF = true
    1. Trigger the bug, when Gitea gets stuck, use curl or browser to visit: (IP is and port is 6060)
    2. Report the output (the stack trace doesn’t contain sensitive data)


If you found a bug, please create an issue on GitHub.

Chinese Support

Support for the Chinese language is provided at Our discourse or QQ Group 328432459.