Installation from package


Although there is a package of Gitea in Debian’s contrib, it is not supported directly by us.

Unfortunately, the package is not maintained anymore and broken because of missing sources. Please follow the deployment from binary guide instead.

Should the packages get updated and fixed, we will provide up-to-date installation instructions here.

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux has gitea in its community repository. It follows the latest stable version. for more information look at

install as usual:

apk add gitea

config is found in /etc/gitea/app.ini


There is a Gitea package for Windows by Chocolatey.

choco install gitea

Or follow the deployment from binary guide.


Currently, the only supported method of installation on MacOS is Homebrew. Following the deployment from binary guide may work, but is not supported. To install Gitea via brew:

brew tap gitea/tap
brew install gitea


A FreeBSD port www/gitea is available. To install the pre-built binary package:

pkg install gitea

For the most up to date version, or to build the port with custom options, install it from the port:

su -
cd /usr/ports/www/gitea
make install clean

The port uses the standard FreeBSD file system layout: config files are in /usr/local/etc/gitea, bundled templates, options, plugins and themes are in /usr/local/share/gitea, and a start script is in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/gitea.

To enable Gitea to run as a service, run sysrc gitea_enable=YES and start it with service gitea start.


Gitea is available as a 1-click install on Cloudron. Cloudron makes it easy to run apps like Gitea on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.


The Gitea package is maintained here.

There is a demo instance (username: cloudron password: cloudron) where you can experiment with running Gitea.


Various other third-party packages of Gitea exist. To see a curated list, head over to awesome-gitea.

Do you know of an existing package that isn’t on the list? Send in a PR to get it added!