Backup and Restore

Gitea currently has a dump command that will save your installation to a zip file. There will be a restore command implemented at some point in the future. You will be able to use this to back up your installation, as well as make migrating servers easier.

Backup Command (dump)

First, switch to the user running gitea: su git (or whatever user you are using). Run ./gitea dump in the gitea installation directory. You should see some output similar to this:

2016/12/27 22:32:09 Creating tmp work dir: /tmp/gitea-dump-417443001
2016/12/27 22:32:09 Dumping local repositories.../home/git/gitea-repositories
2016/12/27 22:32:22 Dumping database...
2016/12/27 22:32:22 Packing dump files...
2016/12/27 22:32:34 Removing tmp work dir: /tmp/gitea-dump-417443001
2016/12/27 22:32:34 Finish dumping in file

Inside the file, you will find the following:

  • custom/conf/app.ini - This is your server config.
  • gitea-db.sql - SQL dump of your database.
  • - This zip will be a complete copy of your repo folder. See Config -> repository -> ROOT for the location.
  • log/ - this will contain various logs. You don’t need these if you are doing a migration.

Intermediate backup files are created in a temporary directory specified either with the --tempdir command-line parameter or the TMPDIR environment variable.

Restore Command (restore)

WIP: Does not exist yet.