Was ist Gitea?

Gitea ist ein einfacher, selbst gehosteter Git-Service. Änlich wie GitHub, Bitbucket oder GitLab.
Gitea ist ein Gogs-Fork.


  • Einfach zu installieren
  • Plattformübergreifend
  • Leichtgewichtig
  • Quelloffen

System Voraussetzungen

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 is powerful enough to run Gitea for small workloads.
  • 2 CPU cores and 1GB RAM is typically sufficient for small teams/projects.
  • Gitea should be run with a dedicated non-root system account on UNIX-type systems.
    • Note: Gitea manages the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Running Gitea as a regular user could break that user’s ability to log in.
  • Git version 1.7.2 or later is required. Version 1.9.0 or later is recommended. Also please note:
    • Git large file storage will be available if enabled when git >= 2.1.2.
    • Git commit-graph rendering will be enabled automatically when git >= 2.18.

Browser Unterstützung

  • Letzten 2 Versions von Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (EdgeHTML) and Edge (Chromium)
  • Firefox ESR